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Professional training

Professional training

  • Specialty:
  • 01140800-professional training (by industry)
  • Qualification:

  • 4s01140801 - master of industrial training, technician

  • 4s01140802 - master of industrial training, technician-technolg
  • Period of study:
  • after grade 9 3 years and 10 months
    after grade 11 2 years and 10 months

Description of the profession:

Students of the specialty 01140800-vocational training (by industry) are prepared for activities in the field of material production, which includes a set of tools, methods and methods of human activity aimed at solving complex problems related to the design, operation and repair of transport equipment. A graduate of the specialty "professional training" can apply the acquired knowledge in the field of transport technology in the study and development of all disciplines of the educational program. Analysis of the causes of violations of technological processes in the field of transport and development of measures to prevent them with obtaining high-quality measurement results. The acquired knowledge allows the specialist to develop methods and design solutions to prevent a complex of problems in this area, as well as to solve existing problems on the basis of the obtained theoretical knowledge.

Objects of professional activity:

Machine-building plants for the production of transport equipment and equipment; enterprises and organizations that operate transport equipment; design, design and technological organizations; machine-building enterprises; brand and dealer centers of machine-building and repair plants; marketing and forwarding services; logistics systems, transport management services.

Brief description of skills

organizational and technological activities;
production and management activities;
project activities.