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The College library is an integral part of the college.It helps, orients students to the basics of learning. Promotes active participation in educational work. It awakens children's love for the book, satisfies their taste for reading. Forms a new team of students who are passionate about reading.
The college library has been serving readers since 2006. The modern library of the college-the information resource of the college promotes the wide use of information technologies in the educational process. A responsible attitude to this matter is the main task and requirement of a modern library. Since 2018, the library has launched the distribution of Internet over Wi-fi. The college operates the kgtk website. A special library web page is open on the site. On the web page, you can find all the information about the library.

In the electronic reading room, you can prepare for the classes of students and teachers and take advantage of the rich fund of reference publications, as well as periodicals. And computers connected to the Internet can be used by any reader without restrictions. In addition, the printer, interactive whiteboard, and projector in the library are used for all events held at the college. Readers can get acquainted with new books, methodological innovations, periodicals from the exhibition, which will be organized specifically under the heading "new books". In the library, students actively use books and the Internet to prepare for Olympiads, scientific and practical conferences.

  • Goals and objectives:
  • Organization of high-quality and fast service for readers on the subscription, in the reading room, in the electronic reading room;
  • Maximum satisfaction of readers ' requests and requirements with full-fledged information, following the modern trend;
  • Creating the necessary conditions for the work of readers;
  • Improvement of library and information services, promotion of books, the use of various forms of individual and general work with readers, as well as the introduction of computer technologies; To contribute to the formation of the personality of the new century, the spiritual development of mankind, the education of the educated generation;
  • Improving the library literacy of readers, the culture of reading through conversation, oral counseling based on library and bibliographic knowledge;
  • Replenishment of the library's book fund with significant, valuable publications worthy of today;

Replenishment of the book fund and storage of the fund in the library

The administration of the college pays great attention to the high-quality and complete equipment of the library fund. The book is an inexhaustible treasury of knowledge, a source of spiritual wealth, a vitamin of the spirit. The library's book collection includes 24,168 copies of books, and the number of electronic textbooks is 632.

In order to replenish the library fund, the library of the college will receive new books on public procurement from the publishing houses" FOLIANT", "NURPRESS"," Kazakh University"," Mektep"," Evero"," Almanac", etc., as well as be replenished with books donated by various institutions and individual readers. During the first half of this year, 153 books were purchased from the publishing house" Kazakh University", 565-from the publishing house" Evero", 172-from the publishing house" FOLIANT", 435-from the publishing house" Almanac". Today, the library is taking on a new trend in the replenishment of the fund-it allows you to use e-mail on the Internet to visit online bookstores of major publishers and book-shopping centers, get acquainted with the available assortment, distribute lists of necessary textbooks to the chairmen of special cycle disciplines and order them.

About events held in the library

In the library for students of the 1st year, accepted in the new academic year, a "trip to the library" is organized. It provides familiarization with the library, the rules for using books and forms of working with reference publications, recommendations for the use of electronic textbooks and the search for textbooks in general disciplines and special disciplines in the book fund.In addition, work is underway to work with the book collection, catalogs, familiarization with the content of book exhibitions, periodicals, the procedure for registration in the library and other types of services. In accordance with the library's work plan, in order to transfer the spiritual riches of readers through reading literature, innovative mass events are held to promote the works of poets and writers of the country on various topics, events related to significant dates, and annual propaganda of the Message of the Head of State. The library maintains the necessary accounting and registration documents. Inventory registration of books and literature is conducted. Librarians, when drawing up work plans for the academic year, are guided by the curricula and plans for the educational, methodological, and educational work of the college and report on the work of the library every six months.

Public events held in the library according to the plan

The library staff takes an active part in the social life of the college. The library hosts the following types of mass events:book exhibitions, information messages, exhibitions related to the festive evening, information hours, thematic exhibitions and educational hours, etc.