Дүйсенбi | 14 қаңтар, 2019 ж.

Құрметті студенттер мен оқытушылар, Кентау гуманитарлық-техникалық колледжі қашықтықтан білім беру технологиясына өтті. Қашықтықтан білім алу үшін Smart Nation сілтемесін басыңыз. Қандай да бір сұрақтар туындаса төмендегі телефондарға хабарласыңыздар:(Call center)


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An event was held on the theme:" Ustaz Nam, BIIK and mangilik An event was held on the topic: "Ustazata, biik and mangilik"


This evening pleased the teachers with gifts and certificates. The merits of the teachers were noted, and letters of thanks were presented. Thestudentssharedtheirperformancesandpleasedtheteachers. An event was held on the theme:" Ustaz Nam, BIIK and mangilik

Dzhambul Zhabayev 175 years old


Video of the event dedicated to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of ZhambylZhabayev, in order to promote the works of the poet in the college.

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I write poems on the example of Abai


On April 15, 2021, at 11.00, the college library hosted a round table on the topic "I write on the example of Abai" in the week «The Great Abai –of the great people», organized by the head of the department Imanbayeva K. T. and librarian IklasZhanel

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